How to Promote Your Business with These Proven Marketing Trends

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 2, 2016 4:09:12 PM

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In today’s technology-driven world, there are more ways than ever to promote your business. Implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy is critical to success. In fact, experts recommend using at least four different marketing communication channels.

To help you stay on top of available marketing tools for your business, let’s take a closer look at the most popular options today so you can find the right ones that will work for you.

Direct Mail
Direct mail has made tremendous advances and continues to be a great way to reach out to businesses and consumers.  People want and need real connections and there's just something different when handling a physical marketing piece. Today's solutions compliment digital marketing and provide highly effective response and delivery tracking.

  • Postcards – Research shows that postcards are the most versatile direct mail piece you can send.  Highly visual, they attract all ages and demographics including; especially millennials and baby boomers - both huge markets with considerable purchasing power. 

  • Letters – As the most traditional approach, letters have proven themselves to be great ways to provide in-depth content about products and services.  When crafted the right way, letters have the power to inform, excite and leave a lasting impression.

  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – EDDM popular with businesses who want to saturate specific geographic areas, the U. S. Postal service has created this affordable program which localizes mailings by targeting specific neighborhoods or locations based on mailing routes. This method eliminates mailing lists, permits, and postage is less than half the cost of a stamp. 

Email Marketing
Almost as old as email itself, businesses continue to find this to be an effective tool in the multi-channel marketing arsenal.  With today's mobile technology people literally take their email with them wherever they go.  LIke postcards and letters, email is one-to-one communication.  Unlike postcard marketing, email address lists must be cleansed regularly to be effective and must ahere to increasingly strict anti-spam laws.  

Social Media
There are many ways to electronically reach consumers and social media has proven to be a powerful way to get in front of people. With well over a billion active Facebook users, hundreds of millions of Twitter users and a dozen more instant reach digital tools.  The key word to remember is "engagement."  People want interesting content that they can share and thought-provoking content that compels to participate in a two-way conversation.  

Marketing Automation
The latest trend in digital marketing, this process utilizes software to execute, manage, and track marketing campaigns. Marketing automation helps you move prospects through a well-constructed sales funnel - from awareness to decision.  What's paramount to remember is that your content must add value to prospects and customers.  In the marketing automation world, content is king.  Begin with an offer to let people download a a free e-book or other valuable content and then create a chain of content that moves them closer to the point of decision.  Marketing automation software helps you do this at an unprecedented scale and lets you nurture leads from initial contact through every step of sales funnel.

Whether you have a large or small marketing budget, these four methods offer something for everyone.  Combining as many channels as possible, you can extend your reach and refine your targeting to generate leads that propel sales.


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