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Posted by Dave Olesen on May 23, 2018 8:14:11 AM

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Did you know the USPS processes 700 million pieces of mail each and every week?  Sorting machines operate at speeds of 100,000 mailing pieces per minute!  The rough and tumble of these machines often leave scuffs, scratches and burns on mail pieces which undermine the perceived value of your products and services.  What can be done to protect your investment?  Postal Protect* by Amazingmail.

Studies have clearly shown that people evaluate the quality of products and services by the promotional materials sent to them.  Tangible mailing pieces such as postcards and flyers or promotional hand-outs serve as an important bridge that help people perceive the quality of what's being offered.  How is this possible and why is it so important to protect your direct mail pieces?

Unlike email or social media, direct mail engages more senses - especially touch.  These senses have been proven by a joint study from Harvard, MIT and Yale to be important in the learning process.  Touch is so powerful to human physiology and psychology that we find ourselves rubbing our foreheads to relieve a headache or bug bite.  Tactile sensory input is so strong that medical personnel rub extremities to relieve pain until anesthetics can be used.  In every corner of the globe, touch provides comfort to infants and elderly alike. 

The sense of sight is also enhanced with direct mail and multiple MRI studies have demonstrated that direct mail impacts areas of the brain differently than email, social media or web pages.  The ground-breaking Millard Brown Study in 2009 demonstrated that "Material shown on cards generated more activity within the area of the brain associated with the integration of visual and spatial information. This suggests that physical material is more 'real' to the brain. It has a meaning, and a place. It is better connected to memory because it engages with its spatial memory networks."

These work together to help you see why it is important to protect your direct mail investment with Amazingmail's Postal Protect*.  Different from UV coating, Amazingmail Postal Protect* is an actual laminated process that creates unmatched protection and visual clarity.  Amazingmail postcard products are visually and physically discernible from other direct mail pieces when touched and viewed.  Whether they are matte or gloss finish, they stand out. 

Postal Protect* is so important that more than 80% of the many millions of Amazingmail direct mail pieces delivered into the USPS postal stream include it in matte or gloss finish at the request of marketing coordinators, managers, CMO's and business owners.  They understand how it protects their investment and how it enhances engagement.  In fact, it is so important that Postal Protect* is a free option with all Amazingmail postcard standard products.  

Want to see how direct mail is processed?  Click the video link below to see for yourself.  

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 * Postal Protect (SM) is a registered Service Mark with the U.S. Patent Office.  

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