Why Event-Triggered Marketing Strategies Are Good for Your Business

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 12, 2016 3:10:03 PM

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Without question, the highest ROI from marketing campaigns is achieved when the messages are relevant to those who receive them. Event-triggered marketing focuses on maximizing relevancy by identifying and then leveraging the time-sensitive nature of meaningful events to prospects, customers and donors. 

Let’s take a look at a simple trigger event - a birthday.  Birthday cards sent to people within a few days of the actual event are relevant to them.  The recipient feels special and important.  In addition, the sender is viewed as thoughtful and attentive.  However, birthday cards received six months later are not only irrelevant but may certainly cause the recipient to feel annoyed.  The sender looks inattentive and out of touch.  Simply put, irrelevant messages are bad for business and paying close attention to event timing is vital.  One more thing to remember:  Today's prospects and customers want to be reached when, where and how they want to be reached.   

To maximize relevancy, successful businesses tailor their marketing impact by creating offers from the customer’s perspective. For example, a customer’s address change can indicate they have relocated and trigger an opportunity to sell or up-sell services.  A marketing message at this time may be considerably more relevant than one sent at the end of a fiscal quarter to drive company sales.

Successful companies use a combination of digital and direct mail methods to appeal to customers’ individual circumstances.  Basic work within the marketing function to detect changes in circumstances lets companies utilize event marketing strategies to better personalize marketing efforts and making them more relevant to that customer.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on response rates to mass marketing campaigns, targeted marketing campaigns, and internet click-through advertisements average around 4%. According to Adam Sarner of Gartner Research, “Marketers that do this right (less than 20% of marketing organizations today) will see their marketing messages receive, at minimum, five times the response rate of non-targeted push messages.”

A 5x greater response rate is a major step up from traditional methods. While direct mail proves to be an ever effective method to market to a target market, utilizing event-triggered marketing best practices leads to the highest campaign ROI.

Event-triggered marketing strategies are essential to keep up with today’s prospects and customers.  As you become more proficient in identifying event triggers, it becomes possible to more effectively monitor and then optimize the characteristics of each trigger to the effectiveness of each marketing channel.  Some triggers merit a digital marketing response while others merit a direct mail response. 

As for sending letters or direct mail postcards specifically, the power of print and graphics on paper is enhanced with event marketing strategies and results in a more meaningful encounter and response.

It’s simply better for your organization to develop event-triggered marketing.  Your prospects and customers will thank you for it.


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