Amazingmail Increases Press Fleet to Meet Direct Mail Demand

Posted by Dave Olesen on May 14, 2018 8:30:00 AM

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Over the past three years, Amazingmail has realized exponential growth as it has advanced its technology to support automated direct mail and initiatives designed to help its customers.  The company recently added another HP Indigo digital printer to its fleet.

Responding with strong demand, Amazingmail recently needed to increase its production capacity beyond initial forecast estimates. The company has added two HP Indigo 7900 digital presses to its production platform within the past eight months. The company attributes this growth to increased direct mail fulfillment partnerships and an increasing awareness that direct mail is a key component of a robust multi-channel marketing strategy.

The growth has come as Amazingmail has advanced its technology to support automated direct mail with an open API and has driven LEAN Six Sigma processes into its manufacturing environment to remain price competitive. The combination has created an attractive direct mail platform that gives marketers the opportunity to respond quickly to inquiries and deliver high-quality impressions within an increasingly narrow window of time. All products come standard with Amazingmail's signature Postal Protect laminate coating and are printed and mailed the next business day. Same day service is available if needed.

“We continue to be encouraged by the market’s increasing interest in automated direct mail offering and Amazingmail in particular,” President & CEO Danielle Stiehl said. “We’ve always believed that our value proposition rests in our ability to deliver a highly responsive, personalized direct mail platform to businesses and the market is validating this attractiveness.”

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