USPS® Advances Targeted Direct Mail Ahead of EDDM with Informed Delivery™

Posted by Dave Olesen on Apr 18, 2017 3:20:33 PM

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Every Door Direct Mail® is a useful direct mail option for businesses whose goal is local market saturation.  However, when it comes to targeting and the ability to drive greater relevance with personalization, the best bang for the marketing buck is still the following:  A great mailing list combined with a compelling offer and eye-catching visuals sent via the USPS®. 

The USPS® is making targeted mailing increasingly compelling with the introduction of Informed Delivery™.  As the offering is rolled-out this year, the USPS's® priority will be to leverage its scanned images from its automated processing systems plus “replacement” and “ride-a-long” images provided by senders to deliver via email and online ahead of the delivery of physical mail in what it calls an “Embedded Coordinated Campaign.”  This will primarily focus on First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® which are the key delivery methods for targeted direct mail campaigns.

Already, requests are coming in for the USPS® to develop ways to focus Informed Delivery™ capabilities on recipient names in addition to the physical address and bring more precision to its technical capabilities.  An impressive 70% open rate for Informed Delivery™ email thus far is sure to grab the attention of marketers everywhere who will press the USPS® for greater personalization capability in the future.  Not only that but 68% of current Informed Delivery™ subscribers are excited about the inclusion of digital offers, and it is reasonable to assume that they too prefer personalized content. 

Fast forward about a year and EDDM will likely benefit to some degree from Informed Delivery™ because the USPS® hopes to leverage the process it is going to be using for flats. 

More About Informed Delivery™

Following two years of testing and development, the USPS® has begun to roll-out a novel service called Informed Delivery™.  Now, businesses and organizations of any size sending direct mail pieces via First-Class Mail® or Standard Mail® can also submit two images and a web link to the USPS® to be included in an email that consumers sign-up to receive on a daily basis.  Emails are sent to recipients every morning. 

The Informed Delivery™ service delivers a well-organized email page that lets users scroll and view an image of physical mail soon to be delivered to their residence.  To ensure maximum email deliverability, the content displays images of the first 10 pieces only.  However, if more physical mail is actually being delivered; subscribers can click a link in their email that takes them to a private and personal Informed Delivery™ dashboard to view everything. 

The default image of mailing pieces provided by the USPS® is a grayscale photograph of the address side taken during automated mail processing.  However, businesses and organizations can supplement and even replace this grayscale image with full-color images that do not even have to be from the physical mail piece.  In addition, organizations can submit a URL to any website, landing page or social site.  The content becomes part of the Informed Delivery™ email and dashboard.  This combination of the direct mail piece and Informed Delivery™ content comprises the “Embedded Coordinated Campaign.” 

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