Reconnecting With Your Clients Through Corporate Holiday Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Nov 14, 2016 3:23:37 PM

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It is time again to send out your corporate holiday cards. Sending your business holiday cards has probably become a routine you’ve set on auto-pilot or disregarded as just another holiday chore. You may even be wondering, “Why do we still send these out?” or “Does anyone open these?”

Perk up and pay attention, because sending out holiday greeting cards can be a very valuable way to reconnect and nurture your client relationships and here are just a few valuable gems you can gain from reaching out to your mailing list in a different way during the Holidays.

Offer a break from the norm
Our clients receive a lot of correspondence via email and social media all year long. Sending a business holiday card, allows you to offer a personalized experience and a break from the noise of typical direct mail marketing and salesy phone calls. Including your company logo is great, but steer away from trying to sell or market in your cards. Be the quiet in a mailbox full of noisy Holiday marketing ads and promotions.

Make a real connection
Depending on the size of your mailing list, some of your contacts may not receive personal correspondence from you on a regular basis. Corporate holiday cards are a great way to reach out and touch your clients without trying to sell them on your next product or service. It’s just a quiet way of saying, “Thank you,” or reminding them you are still here and ready to meet their needs. It is an opportunity for you just to be human without wearing your sales or marketing hat.

Help your clients feel important
According to an AYTM Poll, 43.5% of customers who received business Christmas cards said that receiving a card made them feel like a valued customer. Making it a priority to send them a Holiday card shows your contacts you valuable them long after and in some cases even before the sale.

Revive “dead” clients
We all have contacts on our mailing lists that for some reason or another have gone dormant. You may have even used other marketing means to reconnect with them, to no avail. Remember, your contacts receive numerous direct mail promotions and even bills in their mailboxes. Holiday greeting cards feel more organic to your contacts. Adding your contacts name to a card or making sure to include the account manager’s signature may be just the personalized touch to revive their interest in your brand.

Now that you see how sending Business Christmas cards can help you reconnect with your clients, check out this post to quickly learn, 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Business Christmas Cards.


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