Amazingmail Adds Intelligent Envelope Inserting for Variable Data Direct Mail

Posted by Dave Olesen on Aug 3, 2018 6:38:09 AM

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Amazingmail has extended its variable data direct mail services to include intelligent envelope inserting technology.  The capability allows for a variety of fonts including those that appear to be hand-written.  This lets marketing teams send letters that project a greater sense of confidentiality, exclusivity and human touch. 

The new intelligent inserting capability is in response to growing demand from businesses seeking to send letters in envelopes with printed recipient names and addresses as opposed to windowed envelopes.

The company has acquired the latest scanning, tracking and envelope printing technology that supports a wide variety of fonts including those that look as though they were hand written.

The intelligent inserting capability lets marketing teams alternate between postcard marketing with highly visual messages that provide attention-grabbing offers and support brand awareness vs. letters with printed recipient names and addresses that offer a greater sense of confidentiality, exclusivity and human touch.

“We have been pleasantly surprised to see strong demand for variable data letters over the past two years.” remarked President & CEO Danielle Stiehl. “Our customers have responded very positively to the investments we have made that let them add direct mail to their digital marketing automation thus providing them with cross-channel marketing capabilities.”

Amazingmail has been a leader in Automated Direct Mail for many years and provides an open API that lets businesses trigger direct mail from proprietary and off-the-shelf marketing automation platforms.


For nearly 20 years, Amazingmail has been a leading technology-driven, direct mail solutions provider offering self-service and full-service direct mail, an automated direct mail API and white label direct mail portals. By leveraging its patented process, Amazingmail can print and mail superior quality, variable data direct mail pieces in small and large quantities with quick turnaround times. Over the past seven years, Amazingmail has emerged as an important component to the desire by national companies to utilize a print delivery network and ensure they have print and mail business continuity to support marketing operations and customer communications.

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