5 Best Practices for Successful Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 15, 2016 4:17:48 PM

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Technology has changed the way companies market to their customers and prospects. People receive marketing messages in multiple ways, including email, websites, mobile and social media. While digital marketing can be effective, the most successful marketing strategies are those that include direct mail.

In fact, recent surveys have found that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail over other marketing methods.

But there's a lot more to creating a successful marketing mailer campaign than people realize. In this blog, we'll supply you with the five best practices that will maximize your marketing results. 

1. Get your audience's attention by creating an eye-catching design
First impressions are everything. The design must be attractive and attention grabbing. Good design enhances your credibility, inspires confidence and communicates your message to your audience. People associate the quality of your service based on the quality of the materials they receive. Make sure to use print-quality images that are clear, vibrant and relevant to your message. Also, keep your copy short and to the point. A common mistake in direct mail marketing is when businesses try to say too much.

2. Personalize as much as possible
It is well documented that people find personalized marketing more engaging and memorable. Consider whether personalization will contribute to the achievement of your marketing goals. Some techniques used to create a personalized mailing include list segmentation, variable data, and image personalization.  The use of a person's name increases relevancy. Consider personalizing the main image on the front of the mailer. Learn more about personalization here.

3. Give your recipients multiple ways to respond
With a clean design established, make sure your recipients know how to take action from your mailer. Provide them with a BRM, coupon, QR code, or a URL. These are great ways to get them to respond using a mobile phone. 

4. Add a compelling Call to Action
An effective CTA is as important as an interesting design. It should be visually striking and stand out at first glance. A short phrase that contains a verb is most effective. Another general rule is to use colors that contrast with the color scheme of the rest of your mailing piece design.

5.  Measure your response
To have success with direct mail marketing, you need a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't. Consider telephone tracking. It's an effective way of assigning a unique phone number to a particular campaign. Another useful tip is to use a promotional coupon code printed on the mailer for customers to bring into your store.  The code can also be used to get entered on your website. Your staff can even ask leads or customers for the code over the phone.

And of course, remember to repeat and remain top of mind! Personalized Direct Mail is definitely not dead and is a highly effective channel to yield excellent results for your business. So in closing, make sure to personalize, keep the design simple and eye-catching, and give your audience a way to respond and you're sure to stand out amongst all of the digital marketing.  


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