How to Develop Direct Mail Marketing Objectives

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 13, 2016 4:12:04 PM

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The most important step of any successful direct mail marketing campaign is developing clear, defined objectives. It is critical that a marketing team define why they are mailing a campaign, what results to expect and how to measure success. It can be hard work to quantify your marketing objectives. Far too many companies skip this step only to find their direct mail campaign fail. A solid list of direct mail marketing objectives will follow these guidelines:

Define Success
Your marketing objectives must be specific to be effective. Avoid vague language like “increase sales” or “generate leads.” These are not tangible goals. It is like running a race without a defined finish line. Give success a clear definition. For instance, “generate 50 new leads for sales.” Now your campaign has a focused goal that defines success. This goal should guide you through the entire development process for this campaign. If an element of the campaign conflicts with this goal then exclude it. Set your defined objective and then race to achieve it.      

Make it measurable
How will you know this direct mail marketing campaign was the activity that generated 50 new leads for sales? You need to develop a way to measure your campaign. There are numerous modern direct mail tools to track the engagement with your campaign. Use a special discount code to track sales from your mailing or use a Personalized URL landing page to track new leads to your campaign. Find a tool that accurately tracks your success in meeting your goals. 

Determine attainable targets
Pushing your marketing team to achieve greater results is one thing but setting your campaign up for failure with unrealistic expectations is another. Expecting a 100% response rate to your direct mail campaign is not realistic. What is a realistic result? The DMA 2015 Response Rate Report found that the average direct mail marketing campaign generated a 3.7% response rate. However, every business and industry can have a different result. Start by reviewing your past direct mail campaigns and determine your past response rates. Use that as a starting point and plan for growth from there. 

Share your objectives with your team and even your whole company. Track your responses and update everyone on your progression to your set goals. Hold yourself accountable. If you do not reach your goal determine why and look to improve your results on your next mailing.

Companies without clearly defined objectives for their direct mail marketing often find their campaigns not reaching their full potential. They set unrealistic expectations or do not accurately track the results. Without focused goals, there is no measure of success or failure. Do not fall into the trap of ill-defined direct mail marketing objectives. Set clear, defined goals and build towards success.


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