Why Your Business Should Send Holiday Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 19, 2017 10:24:34 AM

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Although many business professionals think of corporate holiday cards as a task, they can actually greatly benefit your brand. Below are three key reasons why your business should send real holiday cards this season.    

It's an Opportunity to Nurture Relationships & Reconnect

Holiday cards are a great way to thank current customers and reconnect with those who haven’t purchased your products or services over the past year or two.  A unique holiday card shows you care about both groups of people and that you genuinely wish them well.  People want to feel special and appreciated. Sending a card in the spirit of the season tangibly demonstrates that you value them.  

It's an Excellent Way to Demonstrate Authenticity

E-cards are not perceived the same as physical holiday cards.  There is more than 100 years of cultural influence behind physical greeting cards.  They convey a sense of authenticity and this is one reason why Millennials have embraced them.  

According to the USPS, 98 percent of people check their physical mail every day.   In addition, a study by Epsilon showed that 77 percent of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it.  By sending a physical greeting card to your customers, you’ll have a much better chance of them actually seeing it, as opposed to an email which is easily overlooked, deleted or automatically moved into a  junk mail folder.  

There is a significantly higher likelihood of real engagement with physical greeting cards.   Speaking of engagement,  InfoTrends reported more than 84% of people acknowledged that personalization made them more likely to open their mail.  In other words, sending cards to your customers with as little their name and address on a card or letter increases engagement.

It's the Time When People Expect Greater Value

Being sincere and authentic is key to nurturing relationships.  Demonstrating value is also important.  There's nothing distasteful about sending a greeting card with a special offer.  People like to be rewarded for their loyalty and the holiday season is a great time to offer something special.  Your customers know you're a business.  Don't hide it.  Provide a value and they will respond with appreciation. 

Now, feel free to view our Business Holiday Card Gallery for additional designs.

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