5 Tips To Branding Your Business

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 26, 2016 10:48:48 AM

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Marketing in today's world can be tough. Which medium do you use? How do you create a visually appealing design? We have the answers for you here. 

Branding your business and good design is key to being noticed by your targeted audience. Creating your design should start with your Branding Guidelines. Some organizations think they know their corporate identity but have never put it down on paper. If you don’t have a branding style guide, now is the time to create one.

Now, when you strategize the right component of your marketing, think of it as “direct branding” as well as direct marketing.

Here are the best ways to communicate branding guidelines for your company:

1. What's The Point Of A Style Guide?
Style guides or branding guidelines ensure brand consistency throughout any collateral you produce – no matter who created it. In your branding guide, you will have your logo, color palette, fonts, photography style and brand voice. Make sure the color is exactly right and keep the proper spacing from borders, taglines, and copy.

2. Follow Your Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines are also commonly referred to as “brand standards,” “style guide” or “brand book.” They are essentially a set of rules that explain how your brand works. These guidelines typically include basic information such as an overview of your brand's history, vision, personality and key values.  Style guides can range from a single page to dozens of pages, depending on how complex your branding is and how many different types of marketing materials are regularly produced.

3. Be Consistent & Accurate

Use the same headline and text fonts for brand marketing that you use in company brochures, sales materials, and websites. This tactic will make your brand more reliable and trustworthy as well as recognizable.  It may seem difficult to maintain a consistent tone, but the opportunities for forming close relationships with consumers will be the benefit. 

4. Create A Seamless Look
If your call-to-action includes a website or landing page link, include graphic elements on the mailpiece that your reader will also find online. Keeping with a particular style or feel will help people remember your brand. Also stay on message. Yes, priority one is to solicit a response in marketing but leave room for important brand positioning statements to reinforce brand recall. Remember branding is the detail. Build it into a system that never fails, and you'll have people talking about your business.

5. Differentiate
You need to know how your product differs from the competition and make this an essential point in any marketing design. You need to emphasize benefits and features that make your product unique. And remember that your style guide is not set in stone. Brands evolve and new logos are created and so marketing materials will have to be updated. Just make sure to update your style guide to match.

Great design that follows branding guidelines can help perceptions. Make sure your brand and your marketing campaign are in sync.

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