5 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Business Christmas Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Oct 12, 2016 11:23:50 AM

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Sending your customers a heartfelt Christmas card is a staple of any solid business relationship. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you to send them a statement that expresses how much you value them and their business. However, there are several pitfalls when sending corporate holiday cards that could cause embarrassment or damage the customer relationship you have worked so hard to nurture.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when sending your business Christmas cards this year.

Don't mail your cards late
Don’t wait until the last minute to send your holiday cards or you run the risk of them arriving after the holiday. The holiday season is the busiest time for the USPS, and delivery delays are common. You should mail your cards around Thanksgiving or no later than the first week in December to arrive with plenty of time before Christmas. If you should find yourself beyond this point in the calendar, consider sending a Happy New Year card to wish your customers a prosperous new year.

Don't make your holiday card a direct mail sales piece
The reason for sending a business Christmas card is to show your clients how much they are valued, not to drum up one last big deal from them at the end of the year. According to the DMA, sending a Christmas card yields a 39% return on investment for each dollar spent. That increase in sales is not because of a great promo code or sale, but rather the customer feels valued and continues to do increased business for years to come. Making your corporate Christmas card into a sales mailer only damages your relationship with your customers and drives them away.

Don't use an outdated mailing list
How does it make your company look if you send a Christmas card to a customer contact who has not been with that company for almost a year? Would you be surprised if that customer begins to question your dedication to keeping their business? Make sure your contacts are completely up to date before preparing your mailing list and avoid this embarrassing mistake.

Don't send a card that is outside your branding
Your corporate holiday card can be an opportunity to color a bit outside the lines of your company’s stringent branding standards. This project can be fun but don’t stray too far outside the lines. If your branding reflects a serious, corporate tone don’t send out a wacky, silly card to your customers. Avoid sending photos from last month’s company party and other items that might confuse clients who expect a particular type of message from you. By all means be creative and have fun with your business holiday card but do not forget your standards and corporate voice.

Don't use a safe/boring card design
Avoid boring or cliché designs for your card. Stay away from designs that look like they came off the shelf. What does this communicate to your just how much effort you put into this? Also remember that most of your customers will receive cards from many other companies. Traditionally they are collected and displayed together within the office. Don’t let your card get lost in the shuffle by using a drab, lifeless design.

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