4 Ways to Harness the Power of Personalized Direct Mail

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 14, 2016 5:20:59 PM

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People find personalized marketing more engaging and memorable. According to an InfoTrends/Cap Ventures study, personalized direct mail yields 24.5 percent increase in conversion, 31.6 percent overall profit increase, 36 percent increase in response rate, and a 48 percent growth in repeat orders. The ability to send an individually customized mail piece is the power behind personalized direct mail. It separates your custom mailers from the crowd with personalized text and images, helping to make your pieces both eye-catching and relevant to your recipients.

 Use one of the following ideas to add personalization in your next direct mail campaign.

  1. Name: Including a person’s name has been the easiest way to add personalization since the early days of variable data printing. There are few things more eye-catching to a person than their name. It engages them in a one-to-one personal communication.

  2. Demographics: Not everyone values the same things. Certain products and services might benefit from personalizing content based on basic demographic information such as sex, age, or geographic location if the recipient. Perhaps a millennial may value different aspects of your product than a baby boomer. Use personalization to deliver the images and content that will resonate with each recipient. Maximize the value of the personalized postcards you send.

  3. Image Personalization: Consider personalizing the main image in the mail piece. Modern variable data printing technology allows you to implement image personalization quickly. Adding a company or individual’s name to a picture can be one of the most effective ways of grabbing attention. The right personalized card may be kept much longer by prospects and customers on their desk or displayed in the office. It adds the cool factor to any direct mail campaign.

  4. Purchase patterns: Identify your customers' sales trends and send personalized postcards to remind them it is time to make a new purchase, order refills, or that their warranty is about to expire. Include information about the product they purchased, when they purchased it, and why it is time to take action. These helpful reminders to your customers show the customer your desire that they continue to enjoy their purchase for years to come.

Always remember that the quality of your personalized direct mail marketing is dependent on the quality of your database. Always be collecting new data and updating your old. Be on the lookout for incorrect data, typos, or anything else that will break the illusion of a one-to-one personal communication. For example, how many times does a real friend misspell your last name in a letter?

With tailored text and visuals, your direct mail is no longer advertising, but a message to an individual, an ongoing one-to-one conversation. The key is to customize each mailing to match what the individual values. In return, they will reward you with an increase in engagement, responses, and sales.

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