4 Reasons Why People Prefer Physical Christmas Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Sep 28, 2016 2:04:13 PM

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Did you know that up to 90% of people still prefer to get physical Christmas cards instead of e-cards? Why?  Here are four key reasons: 

Personally Yours. 

A physical card actually "feels" better than an e-card.  It may be psychological and kinesthetic but feeling a card makes a difference to us.  In fact, a study by Millward Brown validated this with neuroscience and concluded that "physical materials produce more brain response connected with internal feelings." 

Emotional Bonds.  

People don't tend to keep e-cards for long, but they keep personalized Christmas cards for years.  Personally, I have a large shoe box of memories that I read every Christmas.  Years ago, I asked my kids to write a poem in their card, and the experience is priceless over time. 

Impactful Presence.  

How many e-cards do you see on fireplace mantles?  Very few if any.  However, many people incorporate Christmas cards into their office and home decor.  It's interesting to stop and consider that when you send a Christmas card to a friend or customer, you're actually helping them decorate their home or office and contribute to their expression of the season.      

Authentic Expressions.  

The Urban Dictionary defines authentic as "Being all real and not about that fake stuff."  Physical Christmas cards aren't fake - they're not vapor.  Instead, they're real and in this digital world, more and more people want real connections.  They want authenticity. 

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