3 Ways to Track Direct Mail Response Rates

Posted by Dave Olesen on Oct 4, 2016 4:26:04 PM

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What defines good direct mail response rates? If you followed the advice in our How to Develop Direct Mail Marketing Objectives post, then you started your campaign with clear, measurable goals.The DMA 2015 Response Rate Report found that the average direct mail marketing campaign generated a 3.7% response rate. Without defined methods of measuring your campaign’s success, how do you determine if you have achieved your goals? The answer is easy actually, measure everything.

A cornerstone of modern marketing is that you cannot fix what you cannot measure. Professional marketers measure everything from web traffic to social engagements to customer survey responses. However, many do not use modern direct mail tracking tools to help analyze their campaign’s success. To have success with direct mail marketing, you need a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't.
Here are three methods for measuring direct mail effectiveness.

Promotional Codes
The most traditional direct mail tracking method is to use a promotional or coupon code and record its use. This technique can be as simple as printing a code on a postcard for customers to bring to your store or that gets entered on your website. Your staff can even ask leads or customers for it over the telephone. Using a promotional code on your mailer is an easy and efficient way to track revenue generated by your campaign.

Landing Pages
If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, use a QR code or a web address on your mailer to direct people to a campaign-specific landing page on your site. By tracking the traffic to the landing page, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your mailer. To gather additional information about those who responded, include a form on the landing page. Another option is to create Personalized URLs (pURLs) to create a landing page personalized to the recipient’s preferences.

Call Tracking
Are you looking to get the phone’s ringing? Consider a dedicated telephone call tracking number for your campaign. Assigning a unique phone number to a particular campaign allowing you to track response and measure success easily.

It is a core marketing principle that it takes seven ‘touches' before someone will act upon your call to action. Marketing efforts are never a one-time activity, and your success formula must follow a long-term strategy. Analyze the success of all your direct mail marketing campaigns, adjust based on your results and repeat. Change what doesn't work and never be afraid to try new things.


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