8 Reasons You SHOULD Be Sending Holiday Greeting Cards This Year

Posted by Dave Olesen on Nov 22, 2016 4:27:34 PM

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When I was a kid, sending Christmas cards was as much a custom as giving out Valentine’s in your class during the month of February. Nowadays, it seems to be a tradition that has gotten lost in the daily hustle and bustle of checking emails and updating our social media. .

We seem to under appreciate the value of a handwritten or thoughtful message. Our world has easily become so impersonal and void of daily human sentiment and words of appreciation.

‘Tis the season of giving! How about giving your friends and family just a few moments of your time in the form of a quick, heartfelt message of appreciation. FYI, tagging your friends and relatives in a social media post with a warmhearted quote is not the same thing as actually thinking from the heart.

In case you need some convincing, here are eight reasons why you SHOULD be sending your family and friends holiday cards this year.

1. Grandma Doesn’t Want An E-card
Grandma does not want to check her email for a holiday card from the grandkids. And how would Grandma cherish their cute little scribble signatures on some electronic version anyway?

2. There’s More Room In Mailboxes
There is so much more room in our mailboxes than in our inboxes. Sending a physical card is an excellent way to make sure your holiday message doesn’t end up in the SPAM folder.

3. Physical Cards Are Hard to Get Rid Of
It is so easy to hit the delete button after you’ve read an email. It is a lot harder to thrash a greeting card you know your Aunt handpicked just for you. Let’s be honest, we all have a hard time trashing a card that has a personal message from our loved one inside as opposed to just a “Happy Holidays,” email we printed from our computer.

4. Give Your Family A Keepsake
Including an updated family photo or better yet, sending a Photo Card, like the ones here, gives your family a keepsake they can frame and enjoy for years.

5. Make Them Feel Special
We all know it’s so much easier just to send an e-card or hand your loved one a gift card the next time you see them. However, when your loved one receives a card in their mailbox, they know you went out of your way, making them feel all warm and tingly inside.

6. Holiday Cards Are Excellent For Decorating
By giving family and friends a Christmas card, you are actually giving them a unique accessory for their home. Don’t believe me, check out our blog post: Fun & Creative Ideas For Decorating With Holiday Cards.

7. It Preserves a Tradition
The Holiday season without cards would be like Christmas Eve without watching, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” You’ve seen it a million times; you know what to expect, but you still get excited, and it’s still so special.

8. It Holds Cash
If you still can’t find a reason to send a loved one a holiday card, they are perfect for holding cash and gift cards!


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