10 Insane, (but True), Facts About Holiday Greeting Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Nov 17, 2016 4:36:19 PM

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As you would probably guess; the holidays are the number one time of year greeting cards are mailed throughout the world. But, did you know, men purchase only about 15% of those US holiday cards? .

Well, we’ve compiled a whole list of mind blowing facts about holiday greeting cards that are sure to help you win the award for the “Useless Christmas Fact Genius” at your next Holiday party.

1. The First Holiday Card
Horsley designed the first Christmas card in 1843, it caused an uproar in England because it pictured a group of people holding glasses of wine. Back then, putting alcohol and Holy Christmas in one picture was a
no-no. -Hubspot

2. How Many Holiday Cards Do We Purchase Each Year?
 Approx. 1.6 Billion Greeting Cards are purchased during the Holidays worldwide. Valentine’s Day comes in a distant second with approx. 145 million. –Star News Online

3. Homemade Christmas Cards
Homemade holiday cards were created in the 1910’s and ‘20’s and were so delicate; they couldn’t be sent through the post, so they had to be delivered by hand. –Why Christmas

4. The First Children’s Book
Before children’s picture books were readily available, in the late 19th century, women’s service organizations would collect holiday greeting cards, remove the pictures and paste them into scrapbooks for the entertainment of children in hospitals, orphanages, kindergartens, and missions. -Wikipedia

5. The Queen Mary’s Collection
The Queen, has a collection of Christmas cards so massive she doesn’t keep them at home. Instead, they are kept safe at the British Museum. -Wikipedia

6. The Most Holiday Cards Ever Received
The award, (if there were one,) would go to Dalton Dingus. Dalton made news in 2012. After being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, his friend posted a plea on Facebook that ignited a campaign resulting in over 504,269 cards arriving from all over the world. –Daily Mail

7. Most Expensive
The most expensive Christmas card EVER, sold for $28,158 at an auction in Devizes, Wiltshire on November 24, 2001. Side note: It was the previously mentioned, “First Christmas” card created by Horsley.
– Guinness World Records

8. Smallest “Christmas Card” Ever
The world's smallest card was created in 2010 and is so small, it could fit on the surface of a postage stamp 8,276 times. -BBC

9. Largest Christmas Card Ever
The world’s largest Christmas card measures 29.5 ft X 19.7 ft when closed and 29.52 ft X 39.37 ft when opened. It was a free standing Christmas card created by the University College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
– Guinness World Records

10. Most Cards Mailed
The record-setting number of holiday cards sent by a single person in a year, 62,824. –Find Me A Gift

Bonus #11
Santa receives about 600,000 cards and letters each year. I wonder how long does it take him to read them all? – Santa’s Main Post Office

We love insane holiday facts. If you have one we didn’t mention, we’d be so happy if you’d share.

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