Five Tips for Effective Business Christmas Cards

Posted by Dave Olesen on Oct 6, 2016 2:17:51 PM

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Buisness Christmas Cards

Did you know there is an etiquette or polite conduct when sending Christmas cards for your business?  Here are five tips to help you this year. 

1. Be Tactile
As I mentioned before, studies show that up to 90% of people prefer a physical Christmas card over a virtual or e-card.  Indeed, this American cultural notion is so strong that 1.6 billion physical Christmas cards are purchased every year. Physical Christmas cards are unique and can be found on office desks and fireplace mantles, stuck to refrigerators in homes and company break rooms and even tied to office and home Christmas trees.  

2. Be Timely
Send them now...not later.  A timely Christmas card from your business projects care, attention, optimism and success.  Conversely, late Christmas cards project the exact opposite messages. Remember - when Christmas is's over!  People move quickly into the new year and late Christmas cards "miss the moment." 

3. Be Tasteful
There are several dimensions to tasteful Christmas cards:  The first two relate to the card itself:  Quality material and graphic. Christmas is definitely not the time to send an uncoated card with a poor quality graphic. Other companies will also be sending Christmas cards and you don't want yours be the one that looks cheap and worn. That contrast will undermine your brand.  A high quality, laminated card with a professional graphic will arrive in pristine condition and elevate your company's stature. 

The third dimension to being tasteful is the visual message. It's okay to "be of good cheer" and a display a little humor but an "over the top" visual is risky and may be viewed as inappropriate and unprofessional.  

4. Be Thoughtful
A brief and thoughtful greeting or wish for the recipient beats a wordy tome about your business - every time. Keep in mind that a Christmas card is an expression of appreciation and well wishing. 

5. Be Transparent
Your customers, associates and partners know you are a business so don't try to mask or hide it. You provide value and a warm relationship is just as meaningful to them as it is to you. They will appreciate your authentic gesture and remember your business well into the future.  


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