8 Ways To Personalize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Posted by Dave Olesen on Jan 4, 2017 12:23:06 PM

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You made the choice to go with direct mail marketing, chances are, the main reasons for this choice are targeting and personalization. To assure you maximize your personalization potential, we've created a list of tips to help your customer feel special when they receive your postcard.

1. Name
This is one of the most common ways of personalizing a direct mail piece. Include the sender's name in the greeting of your message.

2. Gender
Use proper pronouns or gender references throughout your message.

3. Location
Include a specific reference to the person’s city or state.  Ex. “I heard the weather was great in California, this time of year.”

4. Past Purchase History 
Create a mailing specific to your clients past purchases. Include products that are closely related to what your customer has purchased in the past. Ex. If your customer last ordered lemon scented soap, send her a discount offer for other citrus scented products.

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5. Reminders
Send out postcards to remind your clients to repurchase products or services that have a limited shelf life. If you know it takes a customer about 2 months to finish a bottle of soap, send them a “Time to Purchase,” reminder within 60 days of their last purchase. If your clients usually get their carpets cleaned every 6 months. Remind them that it’s been almost 6 months since you’ve seen them.

6. Be Industry Specific
Segment your mailing list by industry and then send out postcards or letters that speak to that industry specifically. Include tips on how they can use your product or service to benefit their business.

7. Personalized URLS
Personalized landing pages take your targeted marketing one step further. You can include a QR code or website link in your message. When the customer goes to the site they should find a personalized experience. Include a welcome to the page with their name, include images and links to their last purchases so they can easily reorder. Be creative find other ways to add personalization throughout the page.

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8. Variable Data Printing
This can really grab your receiver’s attention before they even read your message. Seeing their name as a part of the card image is a unique extra step. For example, if your image has clouds, insert the name to look like it is written in the clouds.

We tried to include most of the major ways you can personalize a direct mail campaign. Did we miss one? We’d love it if you’d share! Find us on Twitter @Amazingmail


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